Copperbelt Cabin in Historic Marysvale, Utah.
          Stay a few days... Remember forever.
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Copperbelt Cabin: Amenities

You will find the Copperbelt Cabin amid truly beautiful surroundings.
Situated on 5 wooded acres, enjoy the seclusion and serenity of Bullion Canyon.

Please enjoy the photos at left, and imagine you, your friends and loved ones here.

Copperbelt Cabin offers many exciting amenities, including:

· Direct access to Paiute ATV Trail
    While staying at the Copperbelt Cabin, you will be able to ride your ATV from the front door to the tops of 3 separate mountain ranges on hundreds of miles of trails. Ask and we can lend you maps or tell you about the places where we have been.
· Authentic Miner's Camp on Pine Creek
    Through the ponderosa and cottonwood trees and down by the side of the creek, the more adventuresome have the opportunity to live as the miners did 150 years ago. Our miner's camp consists of a canvas spike tent, handmade beds and furniture, a wood-burning stove, graniteware utensils and pots, a campfire ring and a Dutch oven with tripod. The camp will accommodate 2 people.
· Free Mountain Bikes available for local trails
    In 2005, Sevier County completed an 8 mile bicycle path thru Marysvale Canyon. We have a limited number of bikes to lend. Go where the ATV's can not and see beautiful scenery, fascinating geology, Sevier River rapids and the ghosts of the Indians, trappers, explorers and miners who left their footprints long before the highway.
· Telescope for star gazing
    If you live in a city, the stars are often hard to see because of the ambient light. Out here, our stars are crystal clear because we live in the woods with little background light. Take our star gazer chart and telescope, find an open spot in the trees, and get up close and personal with the heavens. The telescope will allow you to see the craters on the moon and even the rings of Saturn.
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      Copperbelt Cabin
          in Historic Marysvale, Utah.
          Stay a few days...
          Remember forever.

4685 West Bullion Canyon Road
Marysvale, Utah 84750
(435) 326-4205

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