Copperbelt Cabin in Historic Marysvale, Utah.
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The Copperbelt Cabin lies within a geographic area rich in history, lore, natural beauty, national and state parks, interpretive trails and sites, and reservoirs and lakes. If you would like to add to your adventure, most attractions are only 1/2 hour to 2 hours away.

  • Fremont Indian State Park
  • The Fremont Museum and Park displays the thousands of artifacts recovered from a 1,000 year old Indian village during the construction of Interstate 70. The Park also offers ancient rock art, hiking trails, fishing, picnicking, and concessions. The Park is accessed by modern highway and the Paiute ATV Trail. Bathrooms available. Admission required. Travel time = 35 minutes by vehicle, 1.5 hours by ATV.


  • Bullion Foot and Horse Trails
  • If you are up to a hike near the top of the Tushar Mountains, the Forest Service has rebuilt nearly 25 miles of non-motorized trails through a "Sound of Music" landscape. There are no roads and you wonít hear any motors, just thousands of wild flowers, elk, deer and mountain goats. Hikes from 4 to 25 miles are available. We have maps and brochures. Travel time = trailheads are 20 minutes to 1 hour and are accessible by vehicles and ATVís.


  • Minersí Park and Driving Tour
  • This is a 2.5 mile driving tour with 10 interpretive stops that tells the story of the gold rush days in Bullion Canyon. Along the way you will see the remnants of the 1870 toll road, the foundations of a boarding house and gold mill, an ore crushing device called an arrastra that may be of Spanish origin, and townsites. The driving tour ends at the Minersí Park where 15 displays tell the story of the miners and their tools. Featured are a completely furnished 2 room log cabin and a mine site with a tunnel, ore car, drills and assorted tools. A picnic area and bathrooms are available. Travel time= trailhead is 5 minutes away.


  • Reservoirs and Lakes
  • If you like to fish or boat, reservoirs and lakes are located in the mountains all around the Copperbelt Cabin. Two of the most popular are Puffer Lake west of Junction and Fish Lake southeast of Koosharem. Fish Lake is the largest at 7 miles in length and 1.5 miles in width. Concessions and boat rentals are available at Fish Lake. If you are interested in finding your own secluded fishing hole, ask us for a travel map of the Fishlake Forest. Travel time = Puffer Lake is 1.5 hours by vehicle 1.75 hours by ATV, Fish Lake is 1.5 hours by vehicle (ATVís not allowed).


  • White Water Rafting
  • The Sevier River, which runs through Marysvale Canyon, is full of rapids, white water and high adventure. Always Rafting & Kayaking offers guided rafted trips and kayak rentals from their staging area across from Hooverís. Trips are an hour and Copperbelt guests will receive a $5.00 discount per adult per trip. Travel time = 15 minutes.


  • National Parks & Others
  • Bryce Canyon = 65 miles Zion = 115 miles Capitol Reef = 90 miles Glen Canyon (Bullfrog) = 180 miles Las Vegas = 200 miles Salt Lake = 215 miles

    Come and Enjoy

    When you come visit, you will be walking and riding in the footsteps of a very diverse group of people who have been in our valleys and on our mountains for the last 12,000 years. When I first bought our Model A Ford, I was worried that it wouldnít pull the grade from town to the cabin (750 feet elevation). One day, while searching some old files, I found a 1934 photo of a 4-H Club at Big Flat (10,400 feet elevation) and as you can see, they got there in Model A Fords. In my case, I am riding in the narrow tire tracks of old Fords that have been reduced to flecks of rust.

          Copperbelt Cabin
              in Historic Marysvale, Utah.
              Stay a few days...
              Remember forever.

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    Marysvale, Utah 84750
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